Together Group®
is in the process of raising funds via equity from EIS and non-EIS investors via primary offering. The current round is open to professional investors and high-net-worth individuals. Later rounds will be open to the general public, staff and friends & family of group agencies.

Why you should invest in Together Group®

We target a rapidly-growing global market of over $500 billion USD where strategy-consultancy, technical solutions development and (digital) marketing services are converging. In essence, as of today, there are two main types of players in this emerging markets: the big (holding) groups with turnover exceeding $1 billion US and a myriad of smaller, founder-led companies with turnover between $1 and $20 million USD. While the latter, smaller players are obviously not in a position to provide the breadth of services or depth of talent required in digital transformation, incubation and larger growth projects, the big holding groups are increasingly facing structural problems arising from their intrinsic internal competition. For clients that translates into reduced levels of effectiveness, higher cost, slower time-to-market and, effectively, competitive disadvantages.

This is where Together Group® excels. We target precisely this need for a service provider that combines the (theoretical) full-service capabilities of larger groups with the entrepreneurial and agile spirit of highly-experienced, ambitious founder-led ventures. Rather than creating a start-up, we combined the world’s best-of-breed, profitable founder-led agencies into one new powerhouse, thereby offering a unique combination of stability and growth potential - a very interesting risk-reward combination for any investor in this market.