Connecting with Future Generations:
Millennials and Sustainability in Fashion

By 2025, studies project that Millennials and Generation Z will account for 45% of the global personal luxury goods market. Impressive turnarounds from fashion brands that solely focused on Millennials have proven their economic importance for today. A key question for many incumbent fashion brands remains: how to attract those new customer groups while retaining the relationship with today’s local customers?

The ecommerce Imperative

No doubt, the race for fastest time-to-market has reached a new dimension. Traditional supply-chain processes and fashion cycles are a legacy of the past. The future belongs to companies that are able to realise weekly drops and data-driven scale ups of small collections, and that are listening and reacting ultra-fast to the customer’s voices. Not only that implies a much faster distribution, but also an equally fast channel back - analysing and listening into customer preferences. Ecommerce is mandatory but not enough. It need to be a well-orchestrated interplay between physical stores and the ecommerce world. Omnichannel is the buzzword of the future.

All about Newness: When New collections are not good enough

While dramatically accelerating the speed of new drops, customers increasingly demand for constant newness. At the same time the value of products are no longer assessed by their factual qualities, but by their story. That drives a whole new level of content creation, where brands are forced to become constant providers of new editorial content - or risk being left behind. As the cycle time of traditional media are far too slow, brands themselves have to transform into digital editors.

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