Driving Customer-Centric Transformation:
Turning Commodities into Brands

A key challenge for many Utility players remains the race for high-quality customer service - which is equally decisive for acquisition / conversion rates, as well as for client retention. While the sector has gone a long way already from the typical public organisation mindsets and developed a much more competitive approach to the business, brand performance and customer-centric transformation remain key challenges.

CRM-Activation & Retention Management

With increasing competitiveness, many companies have to intensify their customer marketing efforts. Starting by understanding customer journeys and finding out what really drives customer decisions. While finding more ways to build up their own global CRM-database, companies will have to develop ways to systematically unleash the potential of their established customer base. A lot can be learned from advanced consumer-product and retail-brands.

Inventing new, tech-enabled service-business models

In addition to the client-facing challenges, it remains important to constantly search for new opportunities for creating innovative service-business models. New technologies are key to facilitate more customer-focused, demand-driven, flexible solutions that help customers enhance efficiencies and generate cost savings while further improving convenience levels.

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