Law Institute Victoria (LIV) Case study



Creating a digital platform for legal professionals

Law Institute Victoria (LIV) are the leaders of the legal profession in Victoria. LIV wanted to improve the level of user engagement on their website, and worked with Revium to improve the site’s overall performance and usability. Revium implemented a number of redevelopments to the website to resolve these various issues. The LIV website was reskinned and all responsive design issues were rectified. Revium also improved the issues with the page load speed by cleaning up code and utilising the Page Virtualisation feature in Kentico which helped significantly improve page load speed. Revium has since continued to support and improve the LIV website by adding functionality and improving the user experience, whilst still working with the original CMS. Since Revium took over support of the website, LIV has seen improvements in their website traffic and performance including a 25.48% decrease in bounce rate, a 1.67 second improvement in Average Server Response Time and a 3.73 second improvement in page load speed.

Key services Revium provided to LIV include:

  • User Experience Design

  • Website Reskin and Redevelopment

  • eCommerce Functionality Implementation


The Agency: