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Co-Founder & Creative Director THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH

Adam is Co-founder of both The Beautiful Truth and Connected Pictures where he oversees all creative output. He has created purpose-led brand films and campaigns for blue chip clients, including: ArcelorMittal, Cargill, Dixons Retail, Levi’s, Microsoft, John Lewis, Moet & Chandon, Electrolux, Johnnie Sapong, SABMiller, British Airways, HSBC, Strongbow, Pfizer, EMI and Nissan.

From telling the story of the street children of Rio’s favelas for Channel 4 to painting a portrait of the computer scientist Alan Turing, Adam’s work hinges on deep investigation and authenticity. With a long interest in human behaviour and also a practicing Buddhist, much of Adam’s work is inspired by purpose and uncovering the best and deepest parts of what it means to be human. 

Adam and his team focus on working with brands and businesses that get to the root of why a brand exists, why their mission is relevant to its target audiences and finding creative and inspiring ways to connect the two. His documentary background is still at the heart of what he does for The Beautiful Truth, identifying human truths and touchpoints of each client and making them into something special and surprising. One day Adam can be working on a film that gets under the skin of explorer Alastair Humphreys for Molton Brown, the next making a safety film for heavy industry leader ArcelorMittal – which took a Cannes award for its simplicity and human depth. 

Not afraid to ask the hard questions, Adam develops empathetic, meaningful stories inspired by the very marrow of what a business stands for – its Beautiful Truth.